National and Strategic Account Services

As part of the Fuse Commercial Flooring Alliance Network, Business Flooring Specialists is able deliver consistent and reliable service throughout the country. Over the years, most companies with multiple stores or office facilities have had very few options for standardizing the management of their floor covering asset purchases, installation, and maintenance.


The Fuse Alliance network extends into all major metropolitan areas and many smaller markets as well. Business Flooring Specialists can help you maximize the value and centralize the management of your floor covering assets through our Fuse Alliance network and our years of experience managing National Accounts.

National Account Value: Products and Service

Process Efficiency + Correct Product Specifications + Quality Installation + Simplified Communications + Accountability = Optimal Value

Product Selection:

Your company image can be greatly determined by the look and feel of your facilities. Your “Optimal Value” product selections are a function of Design, Performance, and Life Cycle Cost. You may want all of your facilities to have a consistent look, or prefer a unique character from location to location. You may have one facility with unique performance needs compared to the rest. Whatever the case, we will first work with you to choose products that meet your “Optimal Value” equation. Then, we will negotiate on your behalf with all of the manufacturers that offer products meeting your needs to make sure you get the Optimal Value for all of your product selections.


Business Flooring Specialists, as your single point of contact, can arrange for reclamation, installation, and maintenance services wherever you have a location. We will work with you to develop a standardized process uniquely suited to meet your specific demands. We then work with our ReSource partner locations to make sure that the standardized process is implemented in accordance with your exact process specifications. Simplified and standardized processes translate in to cost savings for our National Account clients.

The National Account Process:

  • Assign your account to the proper Account Specialist
  • Conduct a Needs Assessment for your account
    • Engage ReSource Partners as necessary to conduct site surveys of your facilities anywhere in the country
  • We will provide a written analysis of current conditions and future needs for each facility on the census
  • Engage design team in the selection of products
  • Negotiate with product manufacturers to secure pricing commitments based on anticipated volume.
  • Projects turned over to BFS Estimating Services to estimate quantities required
  • Proposals sent to account for approval
  • Order material and schedule delivery based on required installation dates
  • Perform installation based on account specific standardized process
  • Customer installation approval form and closeout documents submitted with final invoicing
  • Determine on-going maintenance needs
    • Implement maintenance program, or
    • Train site staff on proper maintenance of installed products