Reclamation Program

Hundreds of thousands of yards of carpet are dumped into landfills every year. Carpet samples, scraps left from installations, and old carpet removed after its useful life, all have a negative impact on our environment. Business Flooring Specialists employs a three pronged approach to environmental stewardship

Ecollect: Our Ecollect program is the means by which we divert carpet samples from the landfill. We will place an Ecollect sample collection box in your design library, and schedule periodic pick-ups of your “used” carpet samples. Those samples are then placed into our own sample library or placed into our recycling trailer if they can no longer be used. Contact the BFS location nearest to you to take advantage of this unique program.

Care America Recovery Effort: Carpet America Recovery Effort is the only nationwide organization devoted to recovering and finding new uses for post-consumer carpet.  Business Flooring Specialists membership supports CARE’s efforts to divert carpet from the landfill.  CARE is transforming post-consumer carpet into consumer and other products – saving land, reducing emissions, and creating jobs for people across the United States.

Since CARE’s beginning in 2002, companies like BFS have supported carpet recycling through membership in CARE.  Because of that support, CARE has helped keep over 1.3 billion pounds of carpet from clogging our landfills, reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases by an amount equivalent to ten million barrels of oil.  That’s a record we can all be proud of.


BFS membership allows CARE to invest in resources to improve carpet separation technology, find regional uses for post-consumer carpet (PCC), develop new PCC products, and employ thousands of people who recycle and ruse carpet everyday.

BFS Reclamation Program : Business Flooring Specialists' reclamation program guarantees that your old carpet, at the end of its useful life, will not end up in a landfill. We will recycle, down-cycle, or repurpose any carpet we remove from your facility whether it's broadloom or carpet tile, regardless of the manufacturer, fiber, or backing type.

BFS Maintenance Program: A properly specified carpet, maintained using the Business Flooring Specialists unique chemistries, will simply last longer. The longer its useful life, over time, the less carpet requires disposal.


Our recycling program was put in place in order to provide a service through which you can reclaim and recycle all of the carpet removed from your installation sites. It just does not make sense to throw away carpeting that may still have a useful life for a nonprofit organization in your community, or can be recycled and remanufactured into a new product .

Nylon Carpet

The nylon fiber that forms the face of most carpet is the most valuable component of the product. It is derived from a nonrenewable resource: petroleum.

While the ultimate goal is to use all old nylon to make new carpet, currently not all fibers are able to be re-made into carpet. Our recycling program is geared towards identifying the products that can be re-made in to carpet by utilizing the recovered nylon. The rest is then down cycled into other products such as filtration devices, automotive parts, concrete-alternative products, packaging materials, furniture, and carpet padding. In some cases, our industry has been able to design new floor covering products containing a high percentage of recycled materials.

Resilient Tile Flooring

100 percent recyclable and can be remanufactured back into the same products

Carpet Tile

If reclaimed carpet tile is in good condition it can be cleaned and donated to a community charity. Otherwise, all approved vinyl-backed tile is returned to carpet tile manufacturers for processing. In fact there is now carpet tile backing using 100% recycled content. Nylon is then recaptured through shearing and sent to processing plants for either recycling or down-cycling into a variety of products such as filtration devices, automotive parts, concrete-alternative products, packaging materials and furniture.

Broadloom Carpet

Broadloom carpet is reclaimed and sent to one of several recycling facilities to be chopped and baled. Recycled material from our reclamation program may be used in a variety of applications. Some of it will find its way back into new carpet and some will be manufactured into other useful products such as filtration devices, automotive parts, concrete-alternative products, packaging materials and furniture. These products have been manufactured with a varying percentage of reclaimed material.


Through Business Flooring Specialists membership in ReSource Connect we are participating in their Eco llect™ program. Through this program Business Flooring Specialists places receptacles in Architectural & Design firms allowing them to place unused samples for pickup, which will then be recycled. If you are interested in having one of these Eco llect™ boxes placed in your facility please contact one of our representatives on the contact page of this website.



Business Flooring Specialists can help you develop specifications that will ensure that “All of the carpet being removed from your facility will be diverted away from landfills and recycled.” A properly written specification will ensure that your waste carpet is disposed of properly.

Full Service Carpet Demolition and Reclamation

During most remodels, carpet demolition can be a slow, painstaking process. Let Business Flooring Specialists do the demolition so you can focus on the rest of the construction process. We use the most advanced demolition equipment in the industry. From electric powered ride-on demo machines to shot blasting equipment. We offer this service to Facility Management, General Contractors and Commercial Flooring Dealers.

Collection Site

Call our office and arrange an appointment to drop off your used carpet.

Trailer Service

We will place a 53' trailer on your project site. This trailer holds approximately 5000 yards of carpet. We will take all carpet and fiber types along with any pad that has been removed from the site.

Please call 817-282-1600 for details and pricing for all of these services.